We believe that good professional tools will not cost money but make you money.

To serve professional installers everywhere we have opened a school store at PASTEMACHINES.COM.

Thru our secure ecommerce site any professional can order tools delivered directly to their front door. You don't have to be a student or graduate.

Hanging wallcoverings without the best quality tools is like trying to drive a car without tires. It might be possible to get the job done but it will make for some rough riding along the way.

To make our student's road easier it is part of our responsibility to make certain they always have access to the best quality tools at the lowest possible prices.


The first part of a good tool system is organization. The ASPA tool belt (shown above and below ) accomplishes that by making certain all your tools are directly under your hand. The belt is leather and holds each tool in it's own compartment. Each tool is handmade for each installer individually. The toolbelt and tools are given free with our course or you can order it from our school store by clicking here.

Please visit Pastemachines.Com

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