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Subject Index for the course A-G

With this index you will discover the carefully filmed and tested demonstrations and information available in your home with our course. These are NOT links to other information. This is the same subject index that the students receive when they order our course.


T is Tape number (example 17T is tape 17)

Numbers with no letter after them refers to pages in large textbook

m pages in 1st marketing book (example 32m would be page 32 in the first marketing book)

M pages in 2nd marketing book (example 32M would be page 32 in the second marketing book)

ID* are pages in wallcovering sample book

ES* are estimating sheets in textbook they start on Page 199 of the textbook

TB* are pages in troubleshooting book


Acrylic primers 1T, 2T, 4T, 10T, 13T, 14T, 16T, 17T, 4, 19, 31, 136

Activators for prepaste 2T, 37

Actor 35M

Addresses & phone numbers: TB*

Adhesive 2T, 5T, 7T, 9T, 10T, 13T, 14T, 15T, 18T, 20T, 21T, 22T, 24T, 26T, 27T, 28T, 3, 23, 35-40, 138 (also see cleanliness)

Adhesive in corners 26T

Adhesive stains 13T, 159 (also see cleanliness)

Adhesive storing 9T

Adhesive touch up 21T

Adjusting a wallpaper trimmer 25T

Adjustments to adhesives 2T, 5T,10T, 26T, 36, 40

Administrator is you 36M

Afraid of heights 18T, 167-168

American Painting Contractor (see APC)

American rolls 21T, 23T, 24T, ES*

American School of Paperhanging Arts (see ASPA)

Anaglypta 3T, 26T, ID*, 243

Analytical sheet 10T, 115-117

Answering machine 152-153, 58-59M

Answering service 58M

Answers 7

APC: 2, 241 reprint, (also see front of textbook dedication)

Appearing on the job 16T, 58-61, 62M

Appliances 13T, 131

Archways 22T, 191

Art 17

Artistic double cutting (also see fake out) 12T

ASPA tool belt (see tool belt)

ASPA tour 1T

ASPA trouble number: TB*



Backing fabric 28T

Backup business records 17T

Bad day 35M

Bad news 62-63

Bannisters 4T

Baths 13T, 128-133

Beading 9T, 13T, 14T, 135

Bedsheets 28T

Before and after picture 67M

Beginning 7

Behavior sheets (see back of textbook)

Bevel cut edges of Lincrusta 26T

Bias geometric 19T

Bid bond 94

Billing 16T, 154-155

Bleeding stains 17T, 157-158

Block printer 25T

Blood on wallcovering 160

Blow dryers 20

Blueprints 16T, 22T

Bonding 24T, 94-95, 239

Booking wallcovering 5T, 18T

Bookkeeping 17T

Border 7T, 25T, 83-85

Border printer 22T

Border tool to make 7T

Bosses 23T, 154, 192

Box miter 27T

Bradbury wallcovering installation 27T

Brassbound straightedge 3T, 8T, 25T

Breaking dye lots 11T

Bricks 14T, 137-138

Briefcase 16T, 151-152

Brittle wallcoverings 90

Broadknife, explanation of 3T

Broken rolls 21T

Bubbles 10T, 20T, 28T, 71-72, 87, 187-188

Builder flat paint 2T, 25-29

Business cards 153-154, 55-56M

Business name 92-93

Business records 16T, 17T

Business set up 7

Business suicide 99

Business telephone 58-61m

Businesses to call on 12-13m



Cabinets 6T, 13T, 18T, 128

Cadillac 1T

Calculator 16T, 17T, 23T, 24T, 199-200

Calendars 16T

Cards for neighborhood 56M

Care of tools 1T, 8T, 96-99

Cased opening 22T, 190

Cathedral ceiling 7T, 24T, ES*

Caulking 13T, 26T

Ceiling, hanging of 18T, 167-177

Ceiling line 6T, 7T, 11T, 13T, 18T, 19T, 22T, 28T, 88, 121-124

Cellulose Powder 2T, 20T, 28T, 35

Ceramic fixtures 9T, 13T

Ceramic tile 14T, 138

Chair rail border 7T

Chalk box stains 5T, 160

Chamber of Commerce 57M

Chandelier 18T, 172-173

Charge accounts 17T

Charging for:

mural hanging 26T

removal 15T

small areas 133

Checking account 17T

Checking wallcovering 4T, 20T, 21T, 22T, 48-52

Cheerleader tapes 39M

Chemical deglossers (see deglossers)

Children 69, 59, 58M

Claybase adhesives 2T, 10T, 11T, 14T, 15T, 22T, 26T, 27T, 28T, 114-116

Cleaning tools 1T, 8T, 96-99

Cleanliness (see every tape) 5T, 20T, 28T, 64-67, 86, 87, 99, 159, 37M

Clear adhesives 2T, 35

Closets 156

Closing primer cans 1T

Closing up pails of adhesives 9T

Cloth back vinyls: (see woven backed vinyls)

Coasting 4

Coating: see vinyl coating

Coca Cola 21M

Color stains 157

Columns wrapping them 22T

Commercial jobs 22T, 192-195

Commercial messages 2-3m

Commercial vinyl 3T, 22T, ID*

Compass 7T

Concrete block 14T, 137-138

Condos 29-31

Confidential ASPA hot line: TB*

Conquering fear 31M

Contract price 23T, 24T, ES*, 63M

Controls 90

Corner 6T, 11T, 12T, 13T, 14T, 17T, 20T, 26T, 27T, 28T, 81-82, 88, 118-121, 125-127

Corner beading 2T

Corner guards 12T, 22T, 191

Correction of engineering 5T, 6T

Countertops 13T

Court 165

Cover up liners 14T, 26T, 139

CPA 17T, 8, 24

Craft 17

Credit cards 67M

Criticism 89

Crown molding 7T, 18T, 171

Curing of primers 1T, 60

Curl in paper on table 5T, 25T, 26T

Curl in paper on wall 11T

Customers deserve best effort 13M

Customer fill in blank sheet 23T, ES*

Customer looking at work 64, 65

Customer misunderstanding 23T

Customers qualifying you 22

Customer's radio or T.V. 36M

Cut joints 14T, 137

Cutting down:

border 7T

cased opening 22T

ceilings 18T

drop match 8T, 107

fabrics 28T

grasscloth 20T

handscreen 25T

multiple drop 7T, 106

one A two B: 11T

random match 7T, 101

stairwells 19T

straight match 5T, 67-68

suedes 27T

visual match 7T

Cutting horizontally 12T, 127

Cutting in adhesives 26T

Cutting in undercoaters 1T

Cutting point 5T, 9T, 25T, 28T, 68, 101



Daily minimum charge 133

Damaged edges 21T, 25T, 185

Dark background papers 11T

Dark seams 5T, 88

Data notebooks 16T

Dealers (see wallcovering dealers)

Deduction, taxes 17T, 7

Defective wallcoverings 4T, 17T, 21T, 163-164, 240

Defects in packaging 21T

Deglossers 9T, 14T, 15T, 135, 138, 149,

Determine hangability 8T, 21T

Diagonal stripes 105

Diagonal wrinkles 90

Differential 10T, 11T

Direct mail 50M

Direction to hang 4T, 13T, 17T, 18T, 24T, 54, 73

Directions for driving 16T, 61M

Dishonesty 11-15M

Dissatisfied customer 17T, 15-14M

DIY clinic M54

DIY'er T3, 54, 111

Doors and windows 5T, 6T, 22T, 75-80

Dormers 19T

Double rolls 21T, 23T, 24T, ES*

Doublecut patch 21T

Doublecutting 6T, 7T, 12T, 14T, 19T, 21T, 22T, 24T, 27T, 28T,32, 74

Doublecutting tools 6T

Downhill, making patterns run 6T, 11T, 19T, 28T

Drapery fabric: see fabric

Drawers 156

Drinking 20M

Driving directions 16T, 61M

Dry method (see Dry hanging)

Drop cloth 3T, 4T, 15T, 19T

Drop match 8T, 9T, sample in envelope, 102, 107, 128

Dry hanging 10T, 26T, 27T, 28T, 114-115, 242

Drywall 1T, 2T

Drywall holes 17T

Drywall mud 2T

Drywall repairing 2T, 17T, 25

Drywall tape 2T

Dust in new construction 1T



Edison, Thomas 21M

Education 1, 8, 32-33, 143, 160

Einstein, Albert 21M

Embee trimmer 25T

Embossed wallcoverings 3T, ID*, (also see anaglypta, lincrusta)

Engineering 4T, 5T, 6T, 12T, 13T, 18T, 19T, 24T, 52-57, 61, 73, 126, 132-133, 172

Enlarging a geometric pattern 19T

Estimate call practice 1M, 43-46M, 60-65M

Estimates time to do them 16T, 36M, 60M

Estimating 23T, 24T, ES*

Examples of graphics 27T

Expanded vinyl 3T, ID*



Fabric 3T, 28T, ID*, 244-245

Fabric backing 28T

Fabric protection 28T

Face of wallcovering, keeping paste off 5T, 27T

Facer piece on an archway 22T

Factory Stains 17T, 21T, 160

Fake out 6T, 7T, 12T, 21T, 22T, 53, 74

Fear 18T, 31M

Feather patch 21T

Feelings people buy 42M

Field testing 1T

Fill in the blank sheet for customers 23T, ES*

Film: see vinyl film

Fines, deadlines and gravy 194

Finishing up a room 6T, 7T

First impressions 64, 86

Flagged rolls 21T

Flaking paint 32

Flashlight 16T

Flashing 6T, 7T, 12T, 13T, 21T, 22T, 27T, 28T

Flaws in your job 64

Flexible 39

Flexibility in scheduling 13T, 16T

Flock wallcoverings 3T, 15T, 147-148, ID*

Florida door: (see cased opening)

Flowers 67M

Flyers 49M

Focal wall 18T, 19T, 168

Foils 3T. 26T. 28, 159, ID*

Fold test 8T, 103

Ford, Henry 21M

Four point check 3T, 49-52

Framing square 11T

Furniture moving 60


Galleries of pictures 4T

Gambling 20

Garbage paint 2T, 25-31

Geometric Wallcoverings 8T, 19T, 178-181

Getting paid 16T

Ghost stains 17T, 158

Glass, hanging over 9T

Gloss paint 10T, 148-149

Glossary 10-15

Goals 24-27M

Good news 62-63

Government jobs 16T, 195

Grading your work 6, 86

Graphics 27T, 243, 66M

Grasscloth 3T, 20T, 21T, 22T, ID*, 24, 182-183

Grease in kitchens 13T, 131

Groves in paneling 14T, 135-136

Guarantee 44M

Guidelines 40

Guild Professional Paperhangers 3


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