The American School of
Paperhanging Arts

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Our home course for professional wallcovering installations has 28 full length video tapes.

Most of our students choose to order the complete course at once. But you do have the option of ordering it in sections.

  • Section One is Tapes 1-7
  • Section Two is Tapes 8-16
  • Section Threee is Tapes 17-28

You can discover what is on each tape by clicking on the links on the left side menu.Each of our tapes are between 1 1/2 hours and two hours long. These tapes are designed to build on the one before and may NOT be order individually. The tapes were tested for over two years before their release. Each is designed to show you the techniques that will help make your business successful and your skills in demand!

Because we include not only videos with our course but also textbooks you may wish to view our SUBJECT INDEX. The Subject Index is a list of what is included in course by subject and where it is located in the course.