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We are proud members of the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers.


From the heartland of the country we got a one sentence thank you card:
I have never been so satisfied with any training!”

From the Gulf coast:

John, I want to thank you for the time you spent with me on the phone. The paperhanging job I had with defective wallcoverings was a nightmare.... UNTIL I CALLED YOU.

With your calm reassurance I was able to explain the problem to my client and get in touch with the manufacturer. This was a great client and I didn't want to have them unhappy. Thanks to your careful directions on how to proceed everything went off like clockwork!

This job was going to pay me over $5,000.00! I figure I would have lost all of that if not for your support! So, if anyone asks the course is worth it? WOW! Is it ever! Not only have I learned tons of time saving techniques you were there when I needed you!





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Toll FREE Support!


John is as close as any phone


Webster's definition:

Support: To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking or slipping. 2. To strengthen.

The American School of Paperhanging Arts pledges to do everything possible to keep your business form falling, sinking or slipping. We will always be available to hlep you strengthen your business by putting all our resources to work for you if you ever have a problem or a question.

The way you get help...

When you enroll with us you'll be granted toll free telephone support. You will call our 800 number if you have a question or a problem. All the resources of the school will be put to work for you. Not for just a few short weeks but for the life of your business!

It is more than a phone line...

It can be a LIFELINE. We aren't just sending you 28 great tapes and texts. We want to be the difference in your business between success and failure.

If you succeed... WE DO... It is just that simple!

Well over 100,000 jobs are completed each year by ASPA trained installers!

Yet we have fewer than 36 calls a year asking for help. Why? Because our program is clear, concise and easy to understand and further help is unnecessary. We believe the small amount of support questions we get is a direct reflection of the quality of our tapes.

Our confidential help line is sort of like you local fire department. When was the last time you called them? Most of the time you don't need 911. But IF you need the help.... you REALLY need it!

So, we are here to keep any job of yours (or even your business) from going up in smoke. Your own personal paperhanging 911. Now you can rest easy.


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