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"To make going into business any easier we would have to come and hang the paper for you!"

About the School

Located in a beautiful antebellum mansion in Commerce, Georgia, the American School of Paperhanging Arts (ASPA) was opened over two decades ago. If you are thinking of enrolling in our program you should read our history so you can appreciate how we have grown and matured from our opening day.

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John Cox, the school's founder is a master craftsman nationally known for his southern stories and the simple way he is able to present even the most complex techniques.

Before founding ASPA John had his own paperhanging business in Atlanta. He installed in some of the city's finest homes including those of Myers of Myers Rum and Orkin of Orkin Exterminating.

John's commercial installations were found in the biggest office buildings. Many of his clients waited almost a year to find a place on his schedule. What this means to you is that John Cox is a paperhanger who really knows his "stuff".

Here we see some of John's techniques being practiced at a national wallcovering show.


In the photo above John hangs yet another in a long line of certifications and awards.


An educator wrote this about John in a national trade magazine:

"John Cox is one of the gifted few who have a natural born talent for teaching. When you combine his talent for teaching with his talent for wallcovering installations you have a once in a lifetime combination.."

Every student who enrolled in the American School of Paperhanging Arts was taught by John personally. Scores of installers from around the world owe their their success to his careful guidance. This same guidance is yours right in your own home through the ASPA program!


Come and Rock on our porch!

Every student or graduate is welcome to come for a free afternoon seminar. You can have a personal meeting with John Cox to discuss your business, wallcoverings, or any other subject touching on our industry.

If you are a student or graduate just call the school (1-706-335-5010) and make an appointment.

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