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Texas sent us a big valentine:
“I only enrolled because you guaranteed your course. I figured that I couldn’t lose. And I haven’t! From the tools to the tapes, to the marketing suggestions your school is first rate. Our lives are better because of what you have done and my husband said I should write and tell you so. It is wonderful to plop in a tape and finally understand HOW to install wallcoverings I never would have touched before. Our son is working with me now and my business is really taking off. Both of us learned from the course and my husband will be joining us with his retirement. Thanks for giving us true security!”

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Getting practice..........

To become a self employed wallcovering installer before this program you had to arrange and pay for a school course or serve a lengthy apprenticeship. Apprenticeships (still available in some areas) involved being taught on the job over an extended period of time. Schooling involved a three month course which condensed apprenticeship. The school would provide the wallpaper and the a place to practice along with instruction. But the price of those practice wallcoverings had to be built into the cost of tuition. Consequently our school program's tuition was $4,000!

Addding to a student's investment for school was the lack of income for the months attended, plus room and board since very few students were from the local area. Most students found that they had over a $10,000 investment in schooling by the time they graduated!

Wallcoverings in the dump

Practice wallcoverings installed at school were just torn down and thrown the county dump. Each year we trashed over 40,000 rolls of wallcovering! It was a terrible waste since well over 99% of the rooms installed were of high enough quality to be sold to a paying customer.

Our greatest "hangup" with releasing our program was finding a place for you to practice. We knew we could show you in great detail how to do the installations but you needed a few places to try your newly acquired knowledge and hone your skills. Below are the places that have worked best for our students over the years......



So where to practice now?

If you are a homeowner you can practice in your home. You will be increasing the value of your real estate while you build your skills that will add dollars in your pocket! Or you can tell friends and relatives you will be happy to install any wallcoverings they purchase!

We've discovered another great alternative....

Go into any active real estate office. Hand out a flyer saying you will install wallcoverings in one room for FREE as a way to introduce your business.

Real Estate offices have HUGE listings of people who need to fix up their homes for sale. OR people who have just moved in and want to change what was installed. FREE practice work just waiting for you!

Do a good deed....

Purchase some wallcoverings (or partner with a service organization) and do a "charity hang" in a Ronald McDonald house, children's ward of a hospital or local woman's shelter. You do this and we will write a press release about it for your local newspaper. You are getting practice work, getting a little free publicity, plus you are contributing to your community.


To summarize

There is lots of FREE practice work available your in your own town. No longer is it necessary to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in unnecessary tuition. You are building goodwill while you build skills!

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