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Texas sent us a big valentine:
“I only enrolled because you guaranteed your course. I figured that I couldn’t lose. And I haven’t! From the tools to the tapes, to the marketing suggestions your school is first rate. Our lives are better because of what you have done and my husband said I should write and tell you so. It is wonderful to plop in a tape and finally understand HOW to install wallcoverings I never would have touched before. Our son is working with me now and my business is really taking off. Both of us learned from the course and my husband will be joining us with his retirement. Thanks for giving us true security!”


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""Marketing is the art of making someone want what you have..."

A Graduate shows off her work vehicle

You can have the best skills in the world but if no one knows about them then your business will fail. Above is some advertising marketing that works! A brightly painted work vehicle will showcase your talents while you are simply driving in traffic. Work in a city? Consider painting the top of your vehicle. MANY people look down out of those skyscraper windows.... you want them to "get the message..."

To help spread the "good word" about your ASPA trained skills we guide you through the marketing process. You'll receive with our program the two highly aclaimed ASPA marketing books. Inside their pages you'll discover the inside secrets of why certain common types of advertising almost never pay off for installers. So you won't waste advertising dollars where it does no good. We want to use every single dollar of your advertising budget to the best advantage.


One of the first things we will point out is your role as an educator. You have to teach your customers enough about what you do that they can appreciate the differences between you and your lower priced competitors.

There are certain words that should never be used in advertising copy. And certain words that should be freely used because they prompt a reader to use your services. Based on a study at a well known university.... do you know what those words are? In our course we'll tell you all about them!

From words to how to advertise, our marketing books are stuffed full of ideas that will lift your business off!


The School is glad to send press releases to your local newspapers telling about your registration with us. This is FREE publicity that will help in getting your business up and running!

Want a website? The school will design and build a site for you at no additional charge! You don't even have to own a computer to have your personal place on the internet! We will even make certain that your page is submitted to search engines so that future customers can easily find you....


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