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The American School of Paperhanging Arts

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A student from New York wrote:
“For $1500.00 I got all the trade secrets you’ve gathered over a lifetime and made each of those secrets my own. I know that I save at least an hour a day just in the way you taught me to be organized! Plus all those detailed demonstrations that took me from hanging the “regular” stuff and moved me into the high end. I now hang for two interior designers and I get to charge much more for my services! I figured out last night that my income jumped 50% since I took your course. It was the best career move I ever made...”

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"To make going into business any easier we would have to come and hang the paper for you!"

Of course, making your business a success doesn't involve just watching a tape or even 28 tapes! You will make the techniques you are carefully shown your own....and you will get better with experience and practice. You should have already read our history know how our program came about and how much testing went into filming the course BEFORE it was released. Our long history should reassure you that we know how to teach and our program is complete and well organized.

Why Videos?

Image watching every demonstration just like you were perched on the instructor's shoulder!

Is there something you didn't understand? Simply stop the tape.....rewind and play again.

Just as in the picture on the right, every movement of your instructor can be seen clearly. You are not part of a group. You are being taught as an individual and the speed of how you progress thru the course is entirely up to you!

In the picture on the left you see a teacher at our school doing a live demo for a group of students. This was the "old fashion" way of teaching. There is no doubt that using videos instead of watching a one time demonstration is not only the better way to learn it is also faster!

Any kind of Wallcovering Anywhere!

One of our students in passing an outdoor "facilty" joked that our course was so in depth that he had been taught to hang any kind of wallcovering anywhere! (This is NOT what we had in mind when we made the course!)

Seriously...Our course is 28 video tapes. Each tape is between 1 1/2 hours and 2 hours long. This gives you complete visual instructions but that wasn't enought! We back up the tapes with a huge textbook personalized for YOU! ! You are also given a wallpaper sample book, marketing books, and to top it all off a FREE professional handtool set. To see the complete list of what is on each video CLICK HERE.

You might also want to check out the subect index that each student gets with the course. Try and find a wallcovering subject that is NOT covered!

Where to Practice?

Any "hands on" skill requires practice work. By CLICKING HERE we will help you discover how to find FREE places to practice right in your hometown! This saves you thousands in school fees!

We also help you with Marketing!

Turn the page to discover how we help you market your paperhanging business! You'll uncover some neat freebies!

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