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This site is historical since we are no longer accepting students.  You can get professional tools by CLICKING HERE.  You can get website services by CLICKING HERE.

We make your business successful by:

  • Complete and Time Tested Paperhanging Instruction
  • Marketing and Advertising Help
  • Tools at Rock Bottom Wholesale Prices
  • Toll free Support for the Life of Your Business

By simply pushing the buttons at the top of the page you will discover a wealth of information about the wallcovering industry. Under "THE COURSE" you will learn how you can enroll in our school and using our services give yourself a better and easier life! FAQ will answer most of the questions you might have while the HINTS AND TIPS takes you to our online classroom. TOOLS will show you how we provide associates with equipment at astonishing prices. Finally, FOR THE PROS is our section dedicated to professionals with access to the largest mailing list in the industry!

In business for over two decades at the same location we have dedicated ourselves to making certain that every paperhanging business associated with us is successful! We are the oldest and largest school in the United States teaching professional installations.

Imagine! Over 100,000 wallcovering installation jobs are installed each year by The American School of Paperhanging Arts graduates!

By clicking on our catalog on the left you can order a free copy delivered to your home. There is no obligation and no one will call you. Don't you owe it to yourself to check out a rewarding and profitable career in professional wallcovering installations?

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